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RK2675Y-5 Medical Leakage Current Tester

  • Product introduction
    The RK2675Y medical leakage current tester series is the test equipment used for measuring continuous leakage current and patient auxiliary current of medical electrical equipment.It designs and products according to the GB9706.1_2020 (IEC60601-1:2012) <medical electrical equipment Part 1:General requirements for safety>.And the test circuit (MD)input impedance to simulate the body impedance,it accord with the requirements of GB9706.1-2020 (IEC60601-1:2012),the test current can run up to 5A,and provide users with an isolation power supply which adjustable output voltage for 0~250V continuously of the basic capacity configuration for the 500VA and provide another 110% voltage source of the maximum rated voltage.It can satisfy the I,II, various types of equipment test the earth leakage current,shell leakage current,patient leakage current,patient auxiliary leakage current under normal condition and the single fault.
    Application area
    Medical equipment:all kinds of new medical instrument and medical equipment matched, cardiac monitoring,medical imaging,biochemical analysis instruments,blood pressure meter and thermometer and other types of home medical equipment.
    Diagnosis and treatment equipment:X-ray diagnosis and examination equipment,ultrasound diagnosis,nuclear medicine,endoscope system,ENT treatment instrument,dynamic analysis treatment equipment and low temperature refrigerating equipment,dialysis treatment equipment,first-aid equipment.
    Ward nursing equipment and equipment:all kinds of hospital bed,cabinets,operating chairs,beds,etc.
    Auxiliary equipment:medical care data and image processing equipment,rehabilitation equipment and special equipment for the disabled etc.
    Oral medical instrument and equipment:dental diagnostic medical equipment,dental surgical instruments,dental technician equipment.
    Medical magnetic resonance equipment
    Performance characteristics
    n The leakage current provides a set of power supply,and a set of external power supply when tested.
    n Provide the average value,effective value,peak value,DC this four detection modes
    n Provide the average continuous drain current, shell leakage current,patient leakage current,patient auxiliary leakage current under normal condition and the single fault.
    n Maximum time can run up to 99s.
    n Leakage current,voltage,time display at the same time.
    n Leakage current,test time can be set continuously.
  • Model RK2675Y RK2675Y-1 RK2675Y-2 RK2675Y-3 RK2675Y-5
    Test Voltage 0~250V
    Test Current AC/DC:0~200μA  AC/DC:0.2~2mA  AC:2~10mA
    Test Accuracy ±( 5%+3 Words)
    Test Time 0~99s (Adjustable Continuously)
    Transformer Capacity 500VA 1000VA 2000VA 3000VA 5000VA
    Output Waveform Sine Wave
    Power requirements 220V  10%50Hz  2%
    Working environment 0℃~40℃ ≤75%RH
    Exterior Dimension(mm) 390×300×200 430×380×200 530×455×235 520×450×230 570×480×260
    Weight 11Kg 22.8Kg 39.5Kg 45Kg 71Kg
    Accessory Power Line,Alligator Clip

  • Model




    RK-26004C standard  

    power cord



    warranty card








  • RK2675Y-5 Medical Leakage Current Tester Click to download the instruction manual
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