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RK8511 Electronic Load

  • RK8511,RK8512 Electronic load
    Product introduction
    The RK85 series is a new generation of DC electronic load designed and manufactured by MeiRuike Electronic company,use the high performance chip,high speed,high precision design,(the basic accuracy for 0.3%,basic current rising speed for 2.5A/us),Novel appearance,scientific and strict production process,compared with similar products,it is more cost-effective.
    Application area
    Constant pressure source test,load regulation rate of constant pressure source,current limiting characteristic,loop response characteristic.
    Constant current source test,load regulation characteristics of constant current source, transient response.
    Battery test,battery life and the characteristics of V/I,internal resistance test,DC-DC emulation of UPS backup battery.
    Fuel cell test,output impedance,power density and so on.
    Photovoltaic cell test,the characteristics of V/I,the maximum power point,the internal impedance,the efficiency parameter and so on.
    Charger test,battery characteristic simulation.
    Power transformer,simulated constant load.
    Other applications,diverter,circuit breakers,constant current control
    Performance characteristics
    High brightness VFD display screen,display clear.
    The circuit parameters are corrected by software and the work is stable and reliable without the use of adjustable resistance.
    Over current,over voltage,over power,over heat,reverse polarity protection.
    Intelligent fan system,can change according to the temperature,start or stop automatically, and adjust the wind speed.
    Support external trigger input,cooperate with external equipment,complete automatic detection.
    After the test is completed,the trigger signal can be output to the external device.
    The output terminal of the current waveform can be provided,and the current waveform can be observed through the external oscilloscope.
    Support remote port voltage compensating input terminal.
    Support multiple test functions

  • Model RK8511 RK8512
    Input Voltage 150V
    Current 30A 60A
    Power 150W 300W
    Constant voltage mode
    Range 0~20V 0~150V 0~20V 0~150V
    Resolution 1mV 10mV 1mV 10mV
    Accuracy 0.3%+0.5%FS
    Constant current mode
    Range 0~3A 0~30A 0~6A 0~60A
    Resolution 0.1mA 1mA 0.1mA 1mA
    Accuracy 0.3%+0.5%FS
    Constant power mode(≥10% Full scale) Range 0~150W 0~300W
    Resolution 10mW
    Accuracy 0.2%+0.2%FS
    Constant resistance mode(≥10% Full scale) Range 0~10KΩ
    Resolution 0.01Ω
    Accuracy 0.2%+0.2%FS
    Exterior dimension 380*240*110mm
    Weight 6.3kg 6.2kg
    Accessory Power supply line

  • Model






     Power cord

    warranty card






    RK85001 optional  Communication software
    RK85002 optional   Communication module   
    RK20K          optional Data link line

  • RK8511 Electronic Load Click to download the instruction manual
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