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RK9960 Program Controlled Safety Tester

  • Product introduction
    This series of program-controlled withstand voltage tester adopts high-speed MCU and high-performance safety tester designed by large-scale digital circuit. The magnitude of output voltage, rise and fall of output voltage and frequency of output voltage are completely controlled by MCU. It can display breakdown current and voltage value in real time and has software function,
    Equipped with PLC interface, RS232C, RS485, USB device, usbhost interface, it is convenient to form a comprehensive test system with computer or PLC.
    It can quickly and accurately measure the safety of household appliances, instruments, lighting appliances, electric heating appliances, computers and information machines.
    This tester meets the following standards: safety of household and similar electrical appliances Part 1:
    General requirements IEC60335-1, gb4706.1, ul60335-1;
    Information technology equipment: UL60950, GB4943, IEC60065;
    Safety requirements for audio, video and similar electronic devices: UL6005, GB8898, IEC60065;
    Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use: IEC61010-1, GB4793.1.
    Application field
    Household appliances: TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, dehumidifier, electric blanket, charger, etc
    Instruments and meters: oscilloscope, signal generator, DC power supply, switching power supply, etc
    Electric heating appliances: electric drill, pistol drill, cutting machine, grinder, grinder, electric welding machine, etc
    Motor: rotary motor, micro motor, motor, etc
    Office equipment: computer, cash detector, printer, copier, etc
    Performance characteristics
    1. AC / DC voltage withstand, insulation and grounding functions are integrated, which has fast testing speed and high efficiency
    2. DDS digital signal synthesis technology is used to produce precise, stable, pure and low distortion sine wave signal
    3. The rising and falling time of high voltage can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different test objects, with arc detection function, and the test results can be saved synchronously
    4. With dual frequency comprehensive test, frequency range of 50 Hz, 60 Hz, user-friendly operation interface, support digital key input, dial input, more simple operation
    5. Complete operation help prompt, can effectively improve user efficiency, support character type file name input, the maximum length of file name is 12 characters
    6. The test steps and system status information are displayed synchronously, which is convenient to understand the details of the test steps and the system status during the test
    7. Bilingual operation interface, adapt to the needs of different users, support large capacity storage, adapt to different test application requirements, with oscilloscope interface
    8. Super large 7-inch TFT liquid crystal display, clearer measurement results and more information
  • Model   RK9960 RK9960A
    Withstand voltage test Output voltage(KV) AC:0.050-5.000  DC:0.050-6.000
    Test accuracy ± (2.0% setting + 2V)
    Output accuracy ± (2.0% setting + 5V)No load
    Test current(mA) AC:0.001mA-20mA DC:0.1uA-10mA AC:0.001mA-10mA DC:0.1uA-5mA
    Test accuracy ± (2.0% reading + 5 words)
    Insulation test Output voltage(KV) DC:0.100-1.000
    Test accuracy ± (2.0% setting + 2V)
    Test resistance 0.1MΩ-10GΩ
    Test accuracy 0.1MΩ-999MΩ ±10%
    1.0MΩ-10GΩ ±20%
    Discharge function Automatic discharge after test
    Grounding resistance Output current AC 3-30A
    Current accuracy ±(2.0%setting+0.02A)
    Resistance test range 0-510mΩ, when the output current is 3-10A; 0-120mΩ, when the output current is 10-30A;
    Resistance accuracy ± (2.0% reading value + 1m Ω)
    ARC Detector Current measurement range 1mA-20mA
    Test time 0.1S-999.9S
    Output frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Input characteristics 115V/230V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
    Test alarm Buzzer, LCD, fail indicator
    Keyboard lock Independent keyboard lock key
    Screen size 7-inch TFT LCD
    Communication interface HANDLER、RS232、RS485、USBDRV(Computer interface)、USBHOST(U disk interface)
    Voltage rise time 0.1S-999.9S
    Test time setting(AC/DC) 0.2S-999.9S
    Voltage drop time 0.1S-999.9S
    Waiting time 0.2S-999.9S
    Storage 16M flash, each file can store 50 test steps
    Dimensions(W×H×D) 440mm×135mm×485mm
    Weight 23KG 21KG
    Standard accessories High voltage test line, grounding wire, grounding resistance test line, power line
    Optional accessories 16g U disk (including PC software), RS232 to USB cable, USB to square port cable

    RK26101 standard The instrument is equipped with high voltage test line, which can be purchased separately.
    RK00004 standard The instrument is equipped with standard test route and can be purchased separately.
    RK8N+ standard The instrument is equipped with standard cross type uncontrolled high voltage test rod, which can be purchased separately.
    RK-12 standard The instrument is equipped with grounding test clamp as standard, which can be purchased separately.
    RK00001 standard The instrument is equipped with standard power cord, which can be purchased separately.
    Certificate warranty card standard Instrument standard certificate and warranty card.
    Factory calibration certificate standard Calibration certificate of instrument standard products.
    Instructions standard The operation manual of the instrument standard product.
    PC software
    The instrument is equipped with 16g U disk (including upper computer software).
    RS232 to USB cable
    The instrument is equipped with RS232 to USB cable (upper computer).
    USB to square port cable
    The instrument is equipped with USB square port connecting cable (upper computer).

  • RK9960 Program Controlled Safety Tester Click to download the instruction manual
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