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High-power DC electronic load

Announcer:Merike ElectronicsViews:2020-10-15

High-power DC electronic load
Programmable DC electronic load has 200V, 600V and 1200V voltage plans, and ultra-high power density. Support 4 kinds of CV/CC/CR/CP basic operation methods, and 3 kinds of CV+CC/CV+CR/CR+CC combined operation methods. With over-current, over-power, over-temperature warning and maintenance functions, over-voltage, reverse connection warning function, can provide complete maintenance. Support external 0~10V analog voltage signal to control/supervise the waveform of voltage or current signal from 0 to full scale. Support OCP/OPP function inspection, support sequence correction and messy inspection work curve. Support OCP/OPP function inspection, support sequence correction and messy inspection work curve. The master-slave/synchronous control method actively expands the load capacity. Standard RS232/RS485/USB communication method, LAN&GPIB optional. It can be widely used in battery discharge, DC charging piles, power electronics and other product inspection areas.
 Functional advantage
1. Reversible panel and colorful touch screen
This series of programmable DC electronic loads (except for some models) supports the front panel flip function, and is equipped with a large colorful touch screen to provide customers with simple and convenient operation, real-time update of input flashing and equipment status, and graphics to make flashing more intuitive.
2. Multiple operation methods
This series of programmable DC electronic loads have CV/CC/CR/CP basic load steady-state methods, which can meet the inspection needs of various occasions.
 3. Adjustable response speed of CV loop
This series of programmable DC electronic loads can be set with three voltage response speeds of fast, medium and slow to match various characteristic power supplies.
This function can prevent the measurement accuracy drop or inspection failure caused when the load and the power response speed do not match, and the power is inspected forward to reduce the cost of equipment, time and expenses.
 Four, dynamic inspection method
This series of programmable electronic loads can quickly switch between different values ​​under the same function, and supports dynamic current, dynamic voltage, dynamic resistance and dynamic power methods, among which dynamic current and dynamic resistance methods can reach 50kHz.
This function can be used to check the dynamic characteristics of the power supply, battery maintenance characteristics, battery pulse charging, etc. The dynamic load checking function can provide three methods of connection, pulse and flip.
 5. Zhengxuan is not firm in the load
This series of programmable electronic loads supports the function of sine wave sourcing current and can be applied to the impedance analysis of fuel cells.
Six, dynamic frequency conversion scanning function
This series of programmable DC electronic loads supports dynamic frequency conversion scanning function, which uses frequency conversion method to find the worst-case DUT voltage.
The user sets the parameters after correcting two constant current values, starting frequency, ending frequency, step frequency, staying time and other parameters.
The sampling rate of the dynamic frequency scanning function can reach 500kHz, which can imitate various load conditions and meet most inspection requirements.
  Seven, battery discharge inspection
This series of electronic loads can use CC, CR or CP methods to discharge the battery, and can accurately set and measure the cut-off voltage or the discharge time to ensure that the battery will not be damaged due to excessive discharge.
The discharge cut-off condition can be set according to practical needs. When the cut-off condition is met, the load is continuously pulled and the timer is off.
During the inspection process, parameters such as battery voltage, discharged time and discharge capacity can also be monitored in real time.
 8. Active inspection
This series of electronic loads can be actively switched under the constraints of CV, CR, CC and CP methods, and is suitable for the inspection of lithium electronic battery chargers to obtain a flawless V-I charging curve.
The active and active inspection method can greatly increase the working power.
Nine, OCP/OPP inspection
The OCP/OPP inspection items supplied by this series of programmable DC electronic loads can carry out planning verification of over-current maintenance/over-power maintenance. The limit value is set before the inspection, and the inspection effect is automatically flashed to remind customers after the inspection.
Taking OPP inspection as an example, the load supplies the rising ramp power to check whether the output voltage of the object under test is lower than the trigger voltage when it is overloaded, and then judge whether the output maintenance function of the object under test works normally.
 Ten, sequence method function
This series of electronic loads has the function of the List sequence method, which can actively imitate the messy changes of the load according to the sequence file corrected by the user.
The sequence method contains 10 sets of files, and the setting parameters include the inspection method (CC, CV, CR, CP, short circuit, switch), the number of cycles, the number of sequence steps, the single step setting value and the single step time, etc.
This function can check the power output characteristics, check the stability of the power supply and imitate the actual operating conditions.
11. Master-slave control
This series of programmable DC electronic loads supports the master-slave method, supports parallel operation of electronic loads of the same voltage standard, and achieves synchronous dynamics.
In practice, only the master is controlled, and the master calculates and distributes the current to other slave loads. One master with multiple slaves is suitable for larger loads and greatly simplifies the user's operation process.
12. External programming and current/voltage monitoring
This series of programmable electronic loads can control the load voltage and current through external analog input. The external input signal 0~10V corresponds to the load 0~full scale load condition.
The input voltage controlled by the external analog quantity can complete the loading conditions of arbitrary waveforms, which meets the requirements of industrial control.
The current/voltage monitoring output terminal outputs the current/voltage corresponding to 0~full scale with a 0~10V analog quantity. An external voltmeter or oscilloscope can be connected to monitor the current/voltage changes.

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