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What are the classifications of DC stabilized power supplies

Announcer:Merike ElectronicsViews:2020-10-15

With the continuous development of DC power supplies, DC power supplies are now widely used for DC power supply in national defense, scientific research, universities, laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises, electrolysis, electroplating, and charging equipment. But with the increasing use of DC stabilized power supply, its varieties are also increasing. So what are the classifications of DC stabilized power supplies?
   1. Multi-channel adjustable DC power supply
   Multi-channel adjustable DC regulated power supply is a kind of adjustable regulated power supply. Its characteristic is that one power supply supplies two or even three or four outputs that can independently set the voltage.
   can be regarded as a combination of several single-output power supplies, suitable for occasions that require multiple voltage power supplies. The more advanced multi-channel power supply also has a voltage tracking function, so that several outputs can be coordinated and dispatched.
  2, precision adjustable DC power supply
  The precision adjustable DC power supply is a kind of adjustable power supply, which is characterized by high voltage and current scheduling resolution, and the voltage setting accuracy is better than 0.01V. In order to accurately display the voltage, the precision power supply of the mainstream now uses a multi-digit digital meter to indicate.
  The solutions for voltage and current-limiting precision scheduling organizations are different. The low-cost solution uses two potentiometers for coarse and fine adjustment, the standard solution uses a multi-turn potentiometer, and the advanced power supply uses a digital setting controlled by a single-chip microcomputer.
  3, high-resolution CNC power supply
  The stabilized power supply controlled by the single-chip microcomputer is also called the numerical control power supply, and the precise scheduling and setting can be completed more simply through numerical control. The internal circuit of the precision stabilized power supply is also relatively advanced, and the voltage stability is better. The voltage drift is small, and it is generally suitable for precision test occasions.
  Precision DC stabilized power supply is the domestic title. Foreign imported power supply has no nominal precision power supply, only high resolution power supply and programmable power supply.
  4, programmable power supply
   Programmable power supply is an adjustable regulated power supply that is digitally controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, and its set parameters can be stored for later recall. There are many parameters for programmable power settings, including basic voltage settings, power restraint settings, overcurrent settings, and extended overvoltage settings.
  The general programmable power supply has a high setting resolution, and the voltage and current parameter settings can be input through the numeric keyboard. Intermediate and high-level programmable power supplies have very low voltage drift and are mostly used in scientific research occasions.

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