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About the program-controlled leakage current tester detectio

Announcer:Merike ElectronicsViews:2020-10-14

  • The creepage track tester is a special test instrument planned and manufactured according to standards such as GB4207 and IEC60112. It is suitable for testing the creepage interval index and creepage interval index of electrical and electronic products, solid insulation materials of household appliances and their products under humid conditions. It is simple, accurate, reliable and practical. It is used for the research, production and quality inspection of lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, machine tools, motors, power tools, electronic instruments, electrical appearance and information technology equipment. It is also suitable for insulating materials, engineering plastics, electrical connectors and Simulation test in accessory industry.
    Test principle: The leakage tracking test is applied between a platinum electrode of a certain size (2mm×5mm) on the surface of a solid insulating material and a specified drop volume of conductive liquid (0.1%NH 4CL) at a fixed height (35mm) and a fixed time (30s) At a certain voltage, evaluate the leakage resistance of the solid insulation material under the combined action of electric field and wet or polluted medium, and compare it with the leakage index (CT1) and leakage resistance 010-10
    Test requirements: the overall aging and test of the vehicle center control box (including relays, fuses, and wiring harnesses).
    1) Normal disconnection characteristics of the relay of the programmable leakage current tester
    Please refer to the corresponding test criteria. The device checks the characteristics of the relay in an uncontrolled state. The relay control card is in a non-control state, and the resistance of the main control coil loop is judged and the set value is judged;
    The programmable leakage current tester judges that the load current of the controlled main circuit is less than the settable value (leakage current).
    2) Refer to the corresponding test standard for the normal closing characteristics of the relay.
    The characteristics of the relay under the closed-loop control system of the equipment relay. The control signal of the relay in the specific channel is closed, and the resistance of the main control coil is judged within the settable scale (the control resistance is too large or too small or the load circuit is faulty);
    Determine that the voltage drop of the controlled circuit (the voltage drop between the relay contacts needs to be measured) is within a settable scale (the control voltage drop is too large or too small or the circuit is faulty), and the redundant wiring harness of the circuit does not affect the voltage drop test Achievement: Determine that the load current of the current loop is within a settable scale.
    3) Refer to the corresponding test standards for the disconnection control characteristics of the relay, and perform the disconnection operation on the relay.
    Disconnect the specific channel relay control signal, and judge that the resistance of the main control coil loop is less than the set value; the load current is less than the set value (leakage current).
    4) Please refer to the corresponding test standard for the adjustment of the voltage of the relay control terminal.
    When the system stops running, it can regulate the voltage and current of the auxiliary power supply. The auxiliary power supply can be adjusted to a voltage of 0-30V to facilitate the test of the control characteristics of the relay.
    If necessary, the corresponding power supply can be replaced. When adjusting and replacing the power supply, please pay attention to the control voltage scale and working demand current of the tested relay.

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